Zero #1 in Salida - Shopping Day

July 11, 2020

Destination: Salida Today's Miles: 0

Start Location: Trip Miles: 251.20

Our room at the Comfort Inn was nice but the Best Western in Buena Vista was a little nicer but I did notice the pool and jacuzzi here are bigger. Mike drove me to the store to get swimming suits. The laundry was conveniently located near our room, first thing we did after emptying our packs was wash our stinky clothes.

We were tired from weeks of daily physical exertion and enjoyed the jacuzzi. Looking in the mirror a slimmer version of myself looked back. I approved, hoping more pounds will fall off on the trail. How could they not?

First chore of the day was to send a package home to ourselves. Aaron made the painful decision to send his Nikon D810 camera with 17 to 35 mm lens home. Carrying it attached to the sternum strap on his pack was continually pulling down on his shoulders and his upper back was in considerable pain.

It will be a HUGE weight savings so we stopped at Ship ‘N Things and they took great care of us carefully packing and shipping the camera. They also shipped our Lake City resupply box ahead for us.

Salida is a popular trail town we were anxious to explore. Mike dropped us off downtown so we could do some shopping. First stop was at 7000 Feet Running Company, Aaron needed new shoes and bought a new pair of Altra Timp 2’s to replace his current Timp’s.

Next stop was Salida Outfitters for a new hat. Before setting out on the CT I ordered the Sunday Afternoons Shade Goddess hat from REI online. It does the job but it’s not very stylish, I’m convinced I look like ‘The Flying Nun’ - plus the brim in the back is fabric and flaps continuously in the wind.

Picking a light lavender Outdoor Research hat with a wide, sturdy brim front and back I hoped it would be more attractive. Aaron said the look was an improvement so I was sold. I also added a cute Salida Outfitters tank top and a couple handfuls of Honey Stinger Waffles - score!

That concluded the shopping. I asked the friendly sales associate which was the best pizza place and he recommended Amicas. We met up with Mike, placed an order for pick up and went back to the hotel to wait. It was fantastic. The guys had panini’s and I had lasagna, the servings were huge and came with a salad. Turned out to be enough for both lunch and dinner.

Mike took off for the evening, he is staying with his friend Josh who lives (not far) in Maysville. I am dictating my written journal entries into my phone with the hope of getting more posted online. There’s no way I’m going to have enough time to get them all done before getting back on trail - but I’m going to try!