Two zeros to recover and regroup

June 27, 2020

Destination: Zeros in Frisco Today's Miles: 0

Start Location: Condo in Frisco Trip Miles: 104.20

It has been a challenging five-day hike and we were ready to take a break to rehab our bodies. We were also looking forward to taking what we’ve learned over and tweaking a few things. But first - rest and recover a bit.

Thank goodness for good friends. Mike Oros came to visit, shuttling us around so we could do a little shopping. We treated him to lunch at the Sunshine Café in Silverthorne, all three of us choosing a hamburger which were gigantic and delicious. They have an excellent menu and good service, we highly recommend eating there.

After several baths and a few showers we were ready to address the resupply. For the first leg of the journey sheer food volume was prohibitive so we were worked at condensing that. We also eliminated all cooked breakfast and lunches and discarded all the pasta sides which we found bland, even with our dehydrated add-ons.

We picked up some salami and hard cheese to improve our lunch options and discovered that the cheese crisps in the croutons section are phenomenal and light.

Overall we did much better cutting the food volume by approximately two-thirds and we are ready to get back out there.