Zero in Lake City and The Climb

July 19, 2020

Destination: Lake City Today's Miles: 0

Start Location: Lake City Trip Miles: 352.90

After grabbing breakfast at the coffee shop we hung out in the hotel room. We have reservations at a different hotel tonight but can’t get in until later in the day.

We're waiting for a rare phone call from our son who is in boot camp and we need access to Wi-Fi because we have no cell service here. They graciously allowed us to stay a little past check out.

The timing worked well, we got a text our room was ready so we hurried over to the Matterhorn Motel. What a difference, our first hotel was a last resort situation but this one we were looking forward to. It is much quieter and so much cleaner plus our resupply box was waiting in our room.

As if on cue Corey called and we talked for close to an hour. Hearing he is doing good and enjoying boot camp is great news and keeps our worry to a minimum. Next chore was walking across town to do laundry. Aaron took care of the clothes and I continued down the street to the grocery store for a few supplies.

We needed new water bottles, band aids and candy bars. Before heading back to the motel we made reservations at The Climb restaurant for a 7:30 dinner. We were hoping to eat earlier but they were busy and we were lucky to get in at all.

Dinner was well worth the wait. Self described as an ‘elevated eatery’ they sure got that right. Sitting out on the patio we started with the truffle fries. Yum. From here a salad was served and for a main course we created our own ‘surf and turf’ by sharing the filet mignon and sweet and spicy seared shrimp. Cooked to perfection, bursting with flavor and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Homemade grasshopper pie rounded out the meal although I’m not sure how we found room.

Our host, Jerry, owns the restaurant along with his wife who is also the chief. Exceptional people and world-class cuisine.

We walked the half-mile or so back to the hotel, happy to work off the meal and fully enjoying the ambiance of a small town summer evening. Once back it took an hour, maybe a little longer, to organize the food. It was past 11 when we went to bed. We pre-arranged a shuttle with Sportsman’s to pick us up at 6 am to take us back to Spring Creek Pass.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a very restful day.