Beware of mountain bikers...

June 22, 2020

Destination: Buffalo Creek Today's Miles: 16.50

Start Location: Section 2 above burn Trip Miles: 36.10

We had accomplished our goal and beat the heat of the day, the trail was pleasant for several miles winding through the forest above the first burnt section. We saw several people camped along the trail, all but one were in their tents.

We made our way into another burned area and enjoyed the undulating terrain. It was easy going for the most part and we made good time arriving at the fire station in about three hours. This was our first conversation with other thru hikers., both were women and one had a dog, blue heeler mix (carrying a pack) named Whiskey.

From the fire station we would have a short road walk before joining up with the Little Scraggy trail head and the beginning of section three. This was the busiest section of the trail and must be Nirvana for mountain bikers because there were plenty of them. Sadly they are not educated about pedestrians having the right of way and it’s either move or risk getting run over.

I didn't get run over but I did get the crap scared out of me. We're cruising along and out of nowhere a loud skidding gravel sound filled my previously silent world. I jumped three feet, wheel saying the big G-Damn (which I never say) coming face to face with a guy on a mountain bike.

I had jumped off the trail, he said nothing as he scooted by even though it was completely obvious he scared me badly. Still shocked I could only mutter "a little warning would have been nice" as he passed. So would a rock to the back of the head Aaron told me as I caught up to him.

One of the worst and best experiences happed on this section. Not far after encountering the rude mountain biker we made our first trail friend. Her name is Shannon and she is from here in Colorado. She was one of the two women we saw at the fire station. She was friendly and nice and we enjoyed our visit.

We made our way several miles through section three the terrain was very kind, largely undulating with no steep ups or downs. Water was a little scarce but we came to Buffalo Creek where it is flowing steady and we camped here for night two.

One of the highlights from today was getting a clear view of our goal, snow capped mountains looming large before us. It’s hard to believe we’re actually going to walk to and over them, I can’t wait.

Tomorrow we will get to go through our first wilderness area on the trail, Lost Creek. We are super excited to be here!