And just like that, we're nomads...

Destination: Section 2 above burn Today's Miles: 19.60

Start Location: Indian Creek Trip Miles: 19.60

June 21, 2020

First day was fabulous, brother Mike graciously drove us to the Indian Creek trail head from the rental car drop off. The parking lot was full and we saw two other hikers that looked like thru hikers leaving at the same.

Smooth sailing downhill to Lenny’s rest where we chatted briefly with a very sweaty man originally from Tennessee. He was sitting on the bench stretching his legs. This is where we met up with the official Colorado Trail (we had to take this alternate route due to COVID, Waterton Canyon is currently closed on weekends).

From here we dropped into Bear Creek and noticed a backpack and debris off to the side but no sign of any person. Strange. The trail climbed very steeply out of the bottom and the theme of the day became switchbacks. Our packs were weighted down with 6 days of food so when we reached the top it felt liberating not to be bound down by as much gravity.

At the top of the long climb we reached what is called the High Point and the views were fabulous. As if right on cue our son called from basic training. This is the first time we’ve spoken to him in almost 3 weeks. It made the view (and Father’s Day) extra special.

We we descended down to the South Platte River and that’s when the day started to get really hot. Up until that point we had been blessed with cloud cover and I mentioned several times throughout the day how nice it was that the sun was not out.

We could not believe it, the river was packed with people; families, dogs, kids, cars, motorcycles - it was a zoo. we took a break here soaking our feet in the cool waters of the river and marveled at the masses. A pot of Ramen later and a with large supply of water we began climbing out of the river into section two.

We were on the lookout for a flat spot to camp but it was a long pull out of the river, part of the trail follows a hogback ridge and the wind blew so bad it almost knocked me over. We ascended quite a ways before finding a suitable spot.

Our camp was comfy and we enjoyed a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep, It was super quiet and we planned on getting an early start to beat the heat through the burn.

Overall a very good day.