Welcome to Hike Southwest!

Hi, Aaron and Debbie Fogle here welcoming you to Hike Southwest! We have come indoors just long enough to share our passion for hiking and the outdoor life. We want to be the spark that ignites your next outdoor adventure...

Hike Southwest is at the service of the hiking community. We enjoy all types of hiking often incorporating themes to historical cabins, isolated fishing lakes, waterfalls, fire towers, and areas rich with cultural significance the southwest is so famous for.

We're a four-season adventuring couple, empty nesters with a taste for the solitude of remote wilderness areas and out of the way places. We aren't interested in fame, fortune, sponsorships or crowds. We serve only our passion for doing what we love and the love of sharing it with others.

Building a platform to share our adventures will take time and we appreciate your patience. We'll be posting daily catching the site up with our past and present adventures featuring a journal of our 2020 Colorado Trail thru hike (complete with jaw-dropping photography).

Stay tuned as we hike to the aquamarine waters of Colorado's only geyser, explore the expansive views from the Mogollon Rim and climb a 70 foot ladder to walk through Keet Seel, one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the southwest.

From our home base in east-central Arizona's White Mountains we've built an extensive collection of hikes on the Apache National Forest to share - complete with downloadable tracks and updated trail conditions. Be sure to keep an eye out for those, we know where all the best places are!

Each month we will send a newsletter highlighting activity on the site. Fill out the info below to join our 'Trail Tribe' and receive the latest and greatest hiking, backpacking and camping adventures the southwest has to offer.

It may not be much but it's a start. Hopefully together we can build a community, a Trail Tribe to share information, experiences, good times along with lots fun and laughter!

Welcome to the Tribe, we look forward to seeing you back soon!

Aaron and Debbie Fogle